Why Wellbridge

We are a community of change. Science driven. Patient focused

People-driven care

Comprehensive care that’s made for you.

From the moment you walk through our doors you are connected to care that is compassionate, comprehensive, collaborative – care that is aligned with your individual needs. Wellbridge offers a holistic approach that heals mind and body, including treatment for underlying psychiatric issues which are often linked to addiction. Wellness activities complement treatment therapies to address the whole person.

The patient isn’t the only one impacted by addiction. The family is also part of the community. They play a role in helping the patient achieve a sustained recovery. However, they too need support. At Wellbridge we will provide a dynamic family therapy program and continue to develop new strategies to help families share and support a full recovery for the patient and themselves.

Evidence-based care

Research and treatment, all under one roof.

We are reimagining the way addiction is treated. Using the best available science to provide the best available care.
Wellbridge is a purpose-built facility where science and practice converge to innovate approaches to treatment. We’re accelerating the translation of discovery and knowledge into clinical care. It is this kind of evidence-based treatment that leads to sustainable recovery.

Serious Connection

Top notch medical partnerships.

Our relationship with New York’s largest health system, Northwell Health, makes Wellbridge one of the first residential addiction treatment centers partnered with a major health system in the country. This association provides access to specialized medical services if needed, an opportunity to educate and train future addiction practitioners in coordination with Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, and collaboration on research with the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research.

Strategic Partnerships

Wellbridge extends its services and ensures the highest quality of addiction care through its accreditations and partnerships.

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