Your Program

Family Program

Families and other support system members are central to the treatment process.

Wellbridge offers family support services, centered around the need for families to accommodate and support lasting change. Wellbridge offers practical coping strategies and opportunities for families to engage with patients and treatment throughout their stay.

Recreational Therapy

Recognizing that words alone are not always enough, the creative process can be a way in and through healing. Recreational Therapies can mitigate addiction risk factors and bolster the course of recovery. Our Recreational Therapy program complements traditional psychotherapy and family therapy. Our Licensed Recreational Therapists are specially trained to empower patients to be heard, seen, and understood in new ways.


At Wellbridge, our holistic view of care ensures that wellness is integrated into every treatment plan. From our perspective, a healthy mind relies on a sound body and engaged spirit. Treatment includes recreational programs that are specific to the needs of the patient. In our Wellness Center, we offer a variety of options that can include yoga, massage therapy, exercise and fitness programs, and therapy pool.

Specialty Services

Our team at Wellbridge knows that addiction is a complex disease. We are committed to providing innovative care to meet the needs of every patient and pave the way for healing. Each week, patients have access to specialty services such as music and recovery, drum circles, aromatherapy, energy healing, guided imagery, vibrational sound healing, spirituality, and peer-led recovery coaching.

Specialized Clinical Treatment Groups


We offer specialized services for patients with a history of trauma, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, violence in the home, community, war, terrorism, living with a family member with mental health or substance use disorder, and other traumatic experiences. Our experts incorporate knowledge of a patient’s trauma history to inform and improve their care.

Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group builds upon a model of resiliency, strength, and recovery to safely identify past traumatic experiences such as grief/loss, adverse childhood experiences, losses to suicide or overdose, service or job-related trauma, exposure to natural disasters, and more, and how they may relate to one’s addiction. We empower patients to increase awareness and regain control. Patients can process past experiences safely, learn current correlations to their behavioral patterns, and build healthy goals towards their future. Methods include Rapid Resolution Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Processing techniques, and Psychoeducation.

First-Responder Services

Wellbridge recognizes that patients who have served in the military, police department, fire department, or other service-related fields have unique needs. Patients with service histories meet weekly with a trained specialist to begin to understand how their service has potentially impacted their identity, family, emotional regulation, stress management, and need to self-medicate. These services are geared to meet those specialized needs and provide avenues for awareness building and enhanced recovery.