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Opening May 4, 2020
What’s needed in the evolution of treatment?
Innovation. Science. Collaboration. An urgency to change the way it’s always been done. A community of like-minded clinicians and researchers who believe that the sum is always greater than the parts.
Wellbridge is beyond
a treatment center.
It's the center of treatment.
At Wellbridge, we are creating a community where addiction researchers and clinicians work side-by-side to bridge the gap between science and treatment. To accelerate the integration of discovery into addiction treatment solutions. To treat the patient holistically, both mind and body. We’re searching for a solution with a trove of data, onsite research and shared methodologies to advance care.
Harshal Kirane, MD
Medical Director
Andrew Drazan
Co-founder & CEO
Elizabeth Moore
Executive Director

Working as a community to advance treatment

Changing the mindset
Addiction is a chronic illness, not a personal failing. And like any illness, such as diabetes or heart disease, it should be treated with medically sound and clinically proven methods, and with care that recognizes every person as an individual with unique needs.
Interrupting the cycle
Most people struggling with addiction never seek treatment. And too many get caught up in a cycle of rehab, recovery, relapse, repeat. We are determined to disrupt that cycle – providing the best available treatment today and researching new treatment options for the future.
The health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff remains our number one priority. With guidance from Northwell Health’s COVID-19 Task Force we will be implementing screening policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all our staff, patients, their families, and other visitors. Read more.