First Responders Program

Deciding to become a first responder, comes with a sense of community, pride, and the desire to do something meaningful for the betterment of others. Wellbridge is a trusted resource for helping patients with substance use disorder. We are a place of dignity and hope for patients with substance use disorder and their families. With a personalized whole-person approach to treatment, we are prepared to give every first responder who walks through our doors their best chance of recovery.

Our First Responders program features:

• Medically Supervised Stabilization
• Psychiatric Evaluation
• Medical and Psychiatric Medication Management
• Individual/Group Therapy
• Family Group Therapy
• Weekly Family Support Group
• Trauma Therapy
• Creative Art Therapy
• Fitness Program
• Bike and Hiking Trails
• Patient Business Center
• Comprehensive Continuing Care Planning
• Off site AA meetings/Volunteering

Our program is tailored specifically to meet the needs of first responders with SUD by providing them with the necessary tools to help them maintain their recovery and wellness. We additionally provide tailored programs like:

• Relapse Prevention
• Stress Management
• Living Sober
• Seeking Safety
• Trauma Informed Care
• Mind, Body, Soul/Meditation
• Process Groups/Other Addictions
• Anger Management

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