Addiction Recovery Care

Addiction Recovery Steps, Addiction Recovery Planningaddiction recovery care steps

Medical Stabilization

Withdrawal Management
Withdrawal from a substance can be a challenging and debilitating process. At Wellbridge, we use proven interventions, including medication management, to help alleviate the physical symptoms of “detoxification.” Psychotherapies and family involvement are introduced early in this step to foster coping and relapse-prevention skills that lay the groundwork for a successful recovery.


The next step in your recovery

Withdrawal from a substance is not the end of your journey, it is the beginning. Returning to your home environment immediately after stabilization can impede momentum gained during this process and lead to relapse.

Our residential rehabilitation program supports you and your family as you continue treatment and build on the progress you have made. It is where you will focus on getting well with the assistance of continued medical management and individual and group therapy. Family involvement is welcomed when appropriate and woven into our residential program.

Aftercare Planning

Returning to your world anew

Once you have built a solid foundation for your recovery and are ready to leave Wellbridge, we will create a discharge plan. Our team will coordinate and collaborate with your healthcare provider to ensure a smooth transition and establish a supportive network to help maintain your recovery. Our alumni program meets online regularly giving you extended access to a sober support network for continued empowerment and encouragement as you continue on your recovery journey.