Addiction Rehab FAQs

“What is evidence-based practice?”

Evidence-based practice is a term used to refer to clinical therapy that is based on an established protocol. This protocol has been tested in past studies and is shown to be effective for patients with specific needs. It also refers to the habit of constantly ensuring that the practice is still effective, and hence still evidence-based, as time goes on.


“What is science communication?”

Science communication is the act of openly discussing scientific findings. This can be done informally, such as talking to your friends about a study you read online, to formally publishing studies. Here at Wellbridge, we utilize all aspects of science communication via manuscripts, events, meetings, social media, and our website.


“Can I be part of a study?”

We will eventually conduct research where community members can come into Wellbridge to take part in studies. It is not known when we will be able to do such studies due to the pandemic.