Wellbridge Supports National Recovery Month

Patient Support

Addiction is one of the most significant health concerns in our country with 23 million Americans recovering through the support of treatment facilities, family and friends. National Recovery Month is dedicated to the celebration of their recovery, support for their ongoing battle and encouragement for those who are still struggling to seek help.

While some people are more likely to suffer from substance use disorder (SUD), addiction is a chronic illness that does not discriminate. It doesn’t solely affect one demographic: race, gender, economic status or age.

During September, National Recovery Month, we hope that you will join us in spreading awareness and working towards the destigmatization of addiction – whether you have battled addiction yourself, are a health professional who works with those suffering from SUD, or have a loved one who battles SUD.

Be an Ally

Perhaps the most important action item you can take this month is to be an ally to those who need you. If you have a loved one battling addiction, let them know that you care about their health, sobriety and their life.

Allyship is one of the most impactful things you can offer to someone with SUD. If you are unsure of how to support someone battling addiction (without enabling them), check out this post for action items.

Spread Awareness

Join us in ending the silence and stigma surrounding addiction this National Recovery Month. Like Wellbridge on Facebook for action items, shareable support items and tips. Whether you are battling SUD, have a loved one battling SUD, or work with those battling addiction, we hope you will use your voice this September by sharing your thoughts about addiction and inspiring recovery.

Destigmatize Addiction

The ultimate barrier to treatment is the negative stigma that exists with addiction. The pervasive misconceptions surrounding addiction have led to individuals living in silence about SUD. Our team at Wellbridge aims to change that by leveraging a science-based approach to treatment, offering individualized care and advocating for a better understanding of SUD.

Get Help

Today, 23 million Americans are struggling to seek treatment support. If you or a loved one is battling SUD and feel as though advanced support is needed, contact us to discuss your options and see if individualized, science-based addiction treatment is right for you.

If you’re looking for additional ways to support recovery this month, check out this guide for resources and ideas.