Healthcare Professionals Program


Addiction among healthcare professionals is a complex issue that requires specialized attention and treatment. The demanding nature of their work, coupled with access to prescription medications and high-stress environments, puts them at an increased risk of substance misuse or even a substance use disorder. Recognizing this, Wellbridge has created a dedicated Healthcare Professionals Program that offers a unique approach to addressing the specific challenges and needs of this population. The program offers comprehensive treatment modalities, including medical stabilization (AKA detox), individual, group, creative arts and trauma therapy, recreational therapy, psychoeducation, family/couple therapy, medication for addiction treatment (MAT), reintegration program and comprehensive aftercare planning.  Moreover, Wellbridge’s Healthcare Professionals Program incorporates elements such as linking patients to resources to assist in professional monitoring, advocacy, and other resources to ensure patients can safely return to their practice.

In our Healthcare Professionals Program, healthcare professionals have the advantage of being surrounded by fellow colleagues which helps to foster a sense of accountability and responsibility between one another and allow them the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. Group therapy provides a platform for sharing coping strategies, relapse prevention techniques and effective communication skills. Patients benefit from the collective wisdom and knowledge of the group to develop healthy coping mechanisms and problem-solving strategies tailored to their unique professional challenges. Individual therapy explores the intricacies of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, addressing the unique stressors and demands inherent in their profession. Confidentiality is of outmost importance during treatment, and the program creates a safe space for healthcare professionals to openly discuss their treatment and work collaboratively towards recovery.

In addition, seeing fellow healthcare professionals successfully navigate the recovery process can be incredibly inspiring, empowering, while instilling hope and optimism among one another. Positive role modeling within the group reinforces the belief that recovery is attainable and sustainable. Wellbridge’s dedicated Healthcare Professionals Program and inclusion of peer support as a core component, enhances clinical outcomes and promotes long-term sobriety. Fostering a supportive environment where healthcare professionals can connect, empathize, and learn from each other empowers our patients to reclaim their health, wellbeing, and professional identity.

Wellbridge is looking forward to continuing to enhance the effectiveness of Professional Health Programs through collaborations by attending the FSPHP 2024 Annual Education Conference & Business Meeting April 17th through April 21st in Nashville, Tennessee.



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