Wellbridge Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

Patient Support

This May, Wellbridge Addiction Treatment & Research stands with this community to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health in our society, connecting individuals with resources and encouraging support among the family and friends of those with a mental health disorder.

Addiction, or substance use disorder (SUD), is a complex disorder of the brain. It’s often accompanied by co-occurring mental health disorders. Effective, life-saving treatment exists, however, the stigma surrounding these mental health disorders is one of the largest barriers to treatment for this community.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Wellbridge is dedicated to not only providing treatment in tandem for co-occurring mental health disorders, but also working to destigmatize addiction among the healthcare and public communities in order to break down fear barriers to treatment.

We understand that asking for help makes many people feel vulnerable, despite it being one of the bravest things a person can do. But the stigma surrounding SUD makes reaching out for support all the more difficult.

If your loved one or friend is battling SUD, here are a few ways that you can recognize mental health awareness month and work towards destigmatizing addiction.

Fighting the Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Join us this May and fight to end the stigma surrounding mental health disorders in your own community.

  1. Examine your own bias towards those battling an addiction.
  2. Learn more about addiction and the causes of addiction.
  3. Stand up to stigma – educate those around you on the dangers of stigmatizing addiction.
  4. Share resources and support with those with SUD.

The stigma surrounding addiction has created barriers to treatment for many. But this month, you can make a difference by fighting the stigma. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, visit our Patient Center where we share education, tools and support, or contact us today to learn more about advanced treatment.