Isolation and Stress are Triggers for Relapse During COVID-19

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COVID-19 Brings Added Triggers for Substance Abuse

There’s no doubt that our world is suffering a global pandemic. But underneath the obvious medical concerns impacting so many, there is another pandemic happening. Addiction and overdose. Unfortunately, COVID-19 brings additional triggers for substance abuse. And, for those who are suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) and who may be in recovery, there’s a greater chance for relapse and potentially overdose.

COVID-19 Triggers for Substance Abuse

Continued social distancing and isolation, paired with stress from future uncertainties, are affecting us all. But those who battle SUD are especially vulnerable during this time, as both isolation and stress are triggers for relapse.

Loss of Connection During COVID-19

As we see a resurge in new cases of COVID-19, many are experiencing extended periods of isolation and social distancing. While experts have, understandably, deemed this best practice for our overall health to slow the rise and spread of COVID-19, it has taken away a crucial element of recovery.

“Connection and support are two pillars of addiction recovery and maintained sobriety,” says Dr. Harshal Kirane, Medical Director at Wellbridge. “Studies support the benefit of having a strong and present support team during recovery, that’s why family – whether blood or chosen – is an integral part of our treatment plans at Wellbridge.”

Additional Stress During COVID-19

We’ve all experienced increased stress during COVID-19 – whether from fear, changing plans, at-risk family and friends, additional job stress or loss. These types of added stress often lead people to unhealthy coping habits, like increased drugs or alcohol consumption, in order to deal with the added stressors.

In fact, data indicates that people are drinking more. Alcohol sales in stores were up 54% in late March compared to that time last year, while online sales were up nearly 500% in late April.

Finding Advanced Addiction Care During COVID-19

Data continues to show that substance abuse is up during this global pandemic. While loss of connection and additional stress are dangerous triggers on their own, the combination of the two are resulting in concerning increases in alcohol consumption and overdoses across the U.S.

That’s why Wellbridge opened our doors early. With concerns of vulnerabilities affecting those battling SUD, our team knew that a safe residential addiction treatment facility with personalized care was needed, now more than ever. We’ve implemented extra safety standards and precautions at our beautiful, well-appointed facility, which ensure the health of our patients is a top priority.

If you or someone you know is at risk of relapse or battling increased substance use during these uncertain times, contact Wellbridge at (877) 935-5274 today.