How Nutrition Can Support Sobriety Goals

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Developing healthy habits, including proper nutrition habits, are important to leading a healthy lifestyle for anyone. But when a person is battling substance use disorder (SUD), proper nutrition is even more important – not only for the physical benefits, but for the mental benefits that establishing healthy habits provides.

If you have set sobriety goals for yourself, healthy nutrition habits can support you on your sobriety journey. Understanding the relationship between nutrition and SUD is essential for long-term recovery.

The Benefits of Nutrition in Sobriety

Nutrition provides a variety of benefits – both mentally and physically – as you go through recovery.

Find 5 Tips for Nutrition to support your recovery goals.

Physical Benefits of Nutrition in Sobriety

Substance abuse can have major health impacts on the body ranging from large impacts (like liver disease) to general health impairments and potential eating disorders. Many people who have battled even short-term addiction tend to let go of healthy habits during periods of use. By focusing on proper nutrition and nourishing your body, you can not only heal some of the damage done through substance use, but also prevent future health concerns.

Mental Benefits of Nutrition in Sobriety

Developing healthy nutrition habits can also provide additional mental health benefits that will support you on your life-long recovery journey.

By developing healthy eating habits, you are opening the doors for developing other healthy habits in your life (like exercise, mindfulness, relationships, etc…) Creating these opportunities will also benefit your physically during your recovery.

Through healthy habits, such as nutrition, you are creating a life worth keeping through sobriety. These healthy habits can help you push through moments where addiction triggers feel overwhelming and will encourage you to maintain your sobriety. They can even provide healthy outlets for avoiding and dealing with triggers.

Nutrition at Wellbridge

During periods of addiction, many people put their health and wellness on the back-burner, developing poor nutritional habits and relationships with food. Evidence shows that it is essential to get back to the basics and relearn healthy eating habits. That’s why, at Wellbridge, we focus on nutrition education and individualized nutrition.

During treatment at Wellbridge, we integrate building healthy nutrition habits into treatment. By taking into account individual preferences and nutritional desires, we hope to get patients in treatment become re-interested in nutrition instead of just providing a base menu to follow. Additionally, our team provides hands-on nutrition education programs – such as gardening and cooking classes – as well as one-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian in to help patients develop a healthier relationship with food.

If you want to learn more about treatment at Wellbridge, contact us today.