5 Ways to Support Someone in Recovery

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When it comes to successful addiction treatment and long-lasting recovery, having a strong support system is vital. A support system offers connection, motivation, and inspiration when recovery feels difficult or overwhelming. Because no sober journey is without bumps – so having those connections helps navigate those difficult times together.

If you have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD), addiction, or currently in treatment, here are 5 ways to support  them in recovery.

5 Ways to Support Someone in Recovery

Have Open Communication

Having open, honest and positive communication is crucial when it comes to supporting someone in recovery. Open communication allows for healing on both sides. It also enhances trust between you, which develops deeper connection. If you are both feeling that you can be honest and more connected in the relationship, you will both be willing to turn to each other when things get difficult and trust that the other will not react in a negative way that makes you feel more isolated.

Be Non-Judgmental

Society has placed an unwarranted stigma upon addiction – that it is a moral failing rather than the chronic illness that it actually is. By being non-judgmental, you are creating a safe space for someone in recovery, opening the doors for them to come to you for support when they need it most.

Ask Questions

Understanding a person’s addiction will allow you to be a better supporter in their recovery. You’ll be better prepared to help identify triggers and potential relapse warning signs, as well as become a better listener and resource along the way.

Respect What Your Loved One is Telling You

These conversations can be uncomfortable and difficult and may hold a mirror to some of your own struggles. Try to approach them with an open mind and respect. I can’t promise that it will always be easy, but I can promise that you are doing so much good in motivating your loved one in their sobriety journey by showing them the respect that some may not have given them.

Check In

Everyone is different – including in what they need from their support system. So check in and ask! Opening that conversation will provide you with so much insight into how you can best support a long and healthy sober life of those you love.


Family Involvement in Treatment

Evidence shows us that family involvement in treatment can support successful sobriety. So we offer a comprehensive strength-based Family Program that is grounded in providing family members with tools and skills that support a lasting change.

This program allows for healing relationships that may have been damaged due to substance use while also developing concrete skill-based techniques and coping skills to move forward in a positive way.

We strongly encourage participation in individual family sessions, and our proximity to the New York metro area allows for convenient family sessions and participation. For patients outside of this area, tele-health sessions are offered to protect against relapse and focus on sustaining recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about family involvement at Wellbridge and see if advanced treatment at our center is right for your loved one.