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Addiction in the workplace poses national emergency that proper care can help


CALVERTON, NEW YORK, January 11, 2023, – Wellbridge, a substance use disorder treatment and research center located in Long Island, New York, offers innovative Research Assisted Recovery Emphasis (RARE) treatment aligned with individual patient needs. Wellbridge was established on the principles that the treatment of addiction, like any chronic disease, must be informed by clinical considerations, be directed by the evolving needs of the patient, delivered in an environment that fosters well-being and compassionate care, and be committed to the promise to continually advance.

“Using data from thousands of recoveries, plus personal assessments, we develop and determine the best approach for each Wellbridge patient,” said Wellbridge Co-founder and Chairman Andrew Drazan. “There is no such thing as one size fits all in recovery, and everyone who seeks our help deserves the best chance to overcome addiction and enjoy a life of sustained recovery.”

Reviewing 2022 trends has shown substance use disorders affecting individual’s work productivity as well as workforce productivity as a whole. According to the National Safety Council, substance use disorders pose a serious issue in the U.S. workforce, with one in twelve employees dealing with an untreated substance use disorder.

“Addiction in the workplace is an issue that has permeated all of our communities and businesses,” said Drazan. “At Wellbridge we are reimagining the way addiction is treated, and are accelerating the translation of discovery and knowledge into clinical care. Treating those with substance use disorder not only gives them a drastically improved quality of life, but has a domino effect for friends, family and co-workers and in turn affects organizations and our workforce.”

The Wellbridge Belief
Everyone who seeks our help deserves to overcome addiction and enjoy a life of sustained recovery. That’s why Wellbridge exists. But these aren’t just words. Our actions are making them a statement of fact. You see, addiction never stands still. So, neither do we. We resolutely understand that addiction is a disease. And like all serious diseases, defeating it requires newer, better, and more comprehensive treatments. By combining compassionate care that respects the dignity of our patients with leading-edge science, Wellbridge is doing just that. Only in this way can those suffering from addiction receive the individualized treatment that’s right for them. As a result, Wellbridge is creating the solutions that will finally liberate our patients, their loved ones and, someday soon, people everywhere from the trials of addiction.

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Media Contact: Darice Nagy
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