Director of Research Administration

Jessica Bourdon, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessica L. Bourdon is the Director of Research Administration at Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research. She oversees the Center for Addiction Science, which includes duties related to research coordination, data management, integrity, and protection, evidence-based practices, and quality improvement.

Dr. Bourdon has over 15 years of research experience. Her work lies at the intersection of translational science, psychiatric genetics, and disorders of addiction. She focuses on socio-ecological (i.e., collaborative) translational frameworks and genetic epidemiological information to enhance the care of individuals struggling with disorders of addiction and those in recovery. Dr. Bourdon’s overarching research agenda is to improve science communication and translational pathways across stakeholders (e.g., researchers, clinicians, patients) as well as to investigate the incorporation of psychiatric genetic information into the care of mental health disorders, specifically disorders of addiction.

Dr. Bourdon obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Sciences with a concentration in Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Statistical Genetics from Virginia Commonwealth University. She subsequently completed a TranSTAR postdoctoral fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis.

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