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recovery starts at Wellbridge.

Take the first step toward a fulfilling life beyond addiction. Our supportive,
in-patient rehabilitation programs feature personalized treatment
plans and holistic care for sustainable, long-term recoveries.
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There’s only one type of treatment that matters – the one that gives you the best opportunity for lifelong recovery.

Wellbridge understands that every recovery is a unique journey. That’s why we develop tailored care plans for every patient. Our innovative Research Assisted Recovery Emphasis (RARE) program ensures you receive a personalized treatment plan informed by decades of addiction research, delivered with the utmost compassion and respect.

With our rehabilitation team at your side, you’ll gain the tools you need to overcome addiction with supportive therapies, leading medical and mental health care, medication management, and restorative wellness programs – all available to you on our beautiful 96-acre campus.


Making the best care possible, affordable, and available to you.

An important part of the Wellbridge mission is to ensure that world-class treatment is affordable and accessible. Because we are in-network with most major insurance providers, you or your loved one can receive treatment readily – only needing to cover the costs of copays, coinsurance, and deductibles – just like seeing another in-network doctor.

Our approach to care

Respect & Dignity

Every patient at Wellbridge has a unique story, strengths, and challenges. The common thread among them is the courage to face their addiction and take the first step toward recovery. We treat each patient and their families with the dignity, respect, and support they need to begin their recovery confidently.

A Family Approach

Addiction is a family disease, and families often experience the same stages of emotional pain as their loved ones gripped by addiction. Wellbridge uses innovative therapies and supportive programs that help families and patients overcome addiction by sharing the complex feelings they’re experiencing.

A Team of Caring Professionals

Successful recoveries address complex physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Achieving this goes way beyond good intentions. It takes well-qualified professionals with the experience and expertise to help you find effective, long-term strategies for an addiction-free life. And that’s just what you’ll get at Wellbridge.

Compassion by Design

The layout of our rooms. The design of our grounds. The warmth you’ll feel from our friendly staff every moment of your stay. Each facet of Wellbridge’s environment is purposefully designed to provide the comfort and reassurance proven to help patients and their families achieve long-lasting recoveries.


Thomas B.

Absolutely amazing place to go to for recovery. Everyone and everything was perfect, especially the nurses. They made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Staff and technicians were so helpful and persistent with me, and the cleanliness of the building was nothing short of perfect. The cooks did an awesome job with the meals, and the facility outdoors was very scenic and well-maintained.

Max S.

As someone who’s been fighting this disease for years, been in multiple facilities, and worked in the treatment field, I can confidently say this is the most well-rounded facility I have ever been to. The ability to combine physical, mental, and spiritual health is unmatched, with an almost overly comfortable environment to be in…

Brian L.

Wellbridge gave me my life back. I’ve had experience with some of the top rehabs in the country. Wellbridge beats them all. Don’t get me wrong, the others do good work, but Wellbridge is so much more comprehensive in its approach.

Dan H.

They really focus on the patient’s individual needs. Doctors and nurses focus on patient care. Therapists get to know you. The place is immaculate, and they spared nothing building this beautiful huge facility. The staff, food rooms, campus are all superb. Plenty of good food. Long Island needed a place like Wellbridge. Groups were good and you are not rushed around all day. All in all, a really good caring experience…

We're here to support you.

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