Research Scientist

Monica Tomlinson, PhD

Dr. Tomlinson is a post doctoral associate within Wellbridge’s Center for Addiction Science. In this role, Dr. Tomlinson draws from her clinical and research training to assess patient needs in the context of rehabilitation and recovery. Dr. Tomlinson actively contributes to Wellbridge’s Learning Laboratory and collaborates with clinicians and scientists to consistently evaluate and improve addiction treatment and patient care at Wellbridge.

Dr. Tomlinson holds a Ph.D and M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from McGill University. Dr. Tomlinson completed her internship in Clinical-Forensic Science at the British Columbia Mental Health and Substance Use Services. Dr. Tomlinson is currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Addiction Recovery Services, Zucker Hillside Hospital, where she primarily provides individual and group psychotherapy for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. She is in the process of becoming licenced as a Clinical Psychologist in New York State.

Dr. Tomlinson’s career goals involve providing individual and group psychotherapy in addiction settings, consulting with clinicians and researchers to ensure the provision of evidence-based treatment, providing comprehensive assessment in the field of clinical psychology, and remaining actively involved in clinical research and program evaluation.

Dr. Tomlinson’s commitment to continuously incorporating research into her clinical practice led her to join the Center for Addiction Science team at Wellbridge to compliment her clinical work and to strengthen and enrich her research goals.