Delivering a Quality Patient Experience

Clinician Support

How does an individual decide on where they will receive a healthcare service? Some decisions are based on who is “in network.” Some decisions are based on convenience or location. Sometimes those decisions are determined by evaluating the organization’s online reputation through shared patient experiences. In today’s world, information is available at our fingertips and clients expect, and deserve, the best in healthcare services. Addiction treatment is no different.

Delivering a Quality Patient Experience in Addiction Treatment

Among the most complicated services to offer, as every phase of the journey offers its own unique challenges and every patient brings individual experiences to the treatment room, addiction care has often fell to the wayside of traditional healthcare services. However, I argue that this is where the patient experience is by far the most important. How do we engage an individual in their treatment from the start to finish, and then make them our most powerful advocate? How do we ensure superior experience, outcome and lasting impact?

The Wellbridge Difference: An Exceptional Experience

Walking through the halls of Wellbridge I have no doubt that we are providing an environment conducive for healing and growth, one that far exceeds many treatment centers that I am familiar with. Our facility offers a unique array of services inclusive of: a personal plan for every patient, proven behavioral therapies, inclusion of family in treatment, the expertise of clinicians – all of which, I feel, are at the highest level.

However, what sets us apart from other addiction treatment centers is our patient-centric focus to deliver an experience unlike any other. This begins through ease of access to care, reduction in admission wait times and highly trained personable staff interactions. Further, we start and continually ask our patients, “What matters to you?” in order to ascertain what their preferences and goals are to assure a personal and exceptional experience.

Building a Foundation for Ongoing Success

Although paramount to quality healthcare services, treatment of the disease is not the sole factor for successful recovery. High quality healthcare must provide an experience for each patient that provides a lasting foundation to build upon. At Wellbridge that foundation is developed through both talk and creative arts therapies, thoughtful education and wellness programs, and through every interaction between patients and staff. But most importantly it is done by treating patients thoughtfully, respectfully and individually. A positive patient experience relates to better health outcomes which is what we deliver at Wellbridge.

If you have a patient that you believe would benefit from advanced addiction treatment at Wellbridge, learn more about our programs and the referral process.