Addiction Treatment Led By Science

Clinician Support

Addiction is one of the most significant health concerns in our country. Yet, a pervasive perception surrounding addiction is that it is a moral failing rather than a chronic disease.  Addiction remains in the shadow of the contemporary medical framework which governs treatment for other medical conditions. This societal misconception has contributed to the fact that only 1 in 10 patients in the US who need addiction care receive it.  As healthcare professionals, we must continue to be the driving voice of change to help those suffering from addiction achieve sustainable recovery.

By leveraging science to treat addiction, we can break down barriers for continued advancements in our field and ensure better patient outcomes.

Breaking Down Research and Treatment Barriers

Addiction is, by far, one of the most misunderstood chronic diseases due to the persistent brain changes that occur and society’s overall perception of addiction. Healthcare professionals need to reaffirm that addiction is a complex, chronic disease. We can help overcome the barriers to scientific advancements for addiction treatment – misunderstanding of the disease and a patient’s fear of persecution.

What research and treatment advancements would become possible if we shifted the world’s perception of addiction?

Bridging Research and Care

Successful addiction treatment begins with science and focuses on the patient as an individual. By leveraging innovative research alongside clinical expertise, we transition contemporary medical frameworks to the bedside of addiction and position our patients for better treatment outcomes. And, we treat them with the same humility and respect that patients suffering from other chronic diseases receive.

Having an appreciation that each person brings a different experience with their addiction, allows us to uniquely interpret their situation. Every person in our care needs an individualized, patient-centric treatment plan – backed by science and research – to help best set them up for long-term success in their sobriety.

Bridging scientific research with patient-centric care is the core of Wellbridge’s foundational beliefs. Wellbridge’s Center for Addiction Science was established alongside the treatment facility to leverage and contribute to the latest research. Researchers and clinicians work side-by-side to ensure the latest research is incorporated into innovate addiction treatment plans.

If you have a patient who you believe would benefit from the science-based care that Wellbridge offers, learn more about how to refer to our facility.