Will Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Patient Support

More often than not, the first question I get or conversation I have with a person who is seeking addiction treatment is “how am I going to pay for it?” or “will insurance cover addiction treatment?”

The answer to these questions can be complex, and are completely dependent on each patient’s policy. Our team at Wellbridge is here to assist you in every step of admission, including, insurance correspondence so that you can focus on what is most important – your sobriety.

Will Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Will insurance cover addiction treatment? The simple answer is yes. Insurance does cover inpatient treatment however each patient’s policy is different. The patients particular plan will determine if they have any out-of-pocket costs.

In order to support patients during the admission process, Wellbridge has a Support Center and a Benefits Specialist on staff to run a verification of benefits – this is the first step that allows us to determine insurance coverage, out-of-pocket costs and final cost.

Insurance companies require detailed medical, psychiatric and alcohol/substance abuse information to authorize a patients stay. Wellbridge is by your side every step of the way in obtaining the information necessary and in advocating for you to get authorized by insurance.

Does Your Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

To find out if addiction treatment is covered by your insurance, contact the member services line on the back of your insurance card to talk with a representative from your insurance company.

If you are looking to receive addiction treatment at Wellbridge, contact our team today with your insurance information so that we can take on this process for you. A member of our staff will work with your insurance company to determine your coverage and cost based on your personal policy.

Currently, Wellbridge is network with major insurance providers including Cigna, United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Wellbridge is also able to work patients who have NYSHIP and Beacon Health.

How Do I Get Insurance Approval for Treatment at Wellbridge?

Our team at Wellbridge understands the importance of support during addiction treatment as well as during the admissions process. Our dedicated Support Center staff is here to guide and assist you right from the start. Our Benefits Specialist and Support Center staff handle all the verification of benefits prior to admission and our Utilization Review Care Manager handles obtaining authorization.

This allows you to focus on what matters – overcoming addiction through treatment.

What’s Next in the Admission Process

Once you’ve worked with our team to verify your insurance benefits, a “Needs Assessment” will be conducted. This helps our staff to ensure that Wellbridge is the best fit for you and your path to sobriety. It also provides a starting point for our medical and clinical team to understand patients at the start of their treatment.

Learn more about the admissions process.

Addiction Treatment at Wellbridge

There are many barriers to treatment – cost being one – but our admissions team at Wellbridge is here to walk you through every step so that you have access to advanced addiction treatment. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that focuses on advocating for you and obtaining the necessary documents and authorization so that you can focus on your treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wellbridge and working with our team to determine your insurance benefits, contact us today.