Signs of Addiction Relapse During COVID-19

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Risk of Addiction Relapse During COVID-19

As COVID-19 spread across the nation, many experts were wary of the impacts that COVID-19 social distancing orders would have upon those who suffer from addiction. Long-term isolation can lead to psychological trauma, especially if paired with financial struggles and future uncertainty that has come with COVID-19.

In fact, recent statistics are confirming an increase in relapse. A recent story cited Long Island was experiencing a 40-50% increase in fatal death overdoses in some counties. The feeling of loneliness or being useless, the lack of access to social groups and emotional support are all factors that can contribute to relapse.

Signs of a Relapse During COVID-19

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, there are warning signs that you can watch for and recognize that may indicate a relapse during COVID-19. Below are 5 common signs to keep in mind.

• Romanticizing drug use
• Belief that a person can use substances without relapse
• Sudden changes in behavior
• Avoidance of virtual meetings
• Doubt of recovery effectiveness

If you, or someone that you love, is showing signs of relapse do not delay reaching out for support. We encourage contacting your current health providers – primary care or mental health – who are familiar with your case to discuss next steps. If you are looking for more intensive therapy or residential care, Wellbridge offers an innovative, science-based approach to recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment program and what you can expect from our experienced team.

Wellbridge is Here for Life-Changing Intervention

As many states have entered an extended period of social distancing measures, Wellbridge decided to open our doors early to ensure that those suffering from addiction would have a place to turn.

Understanding the seriousness of COVID-19, we are dedicated to our patients’, visitors’ and staff safety – now more than ever. Upon opening, Wellbridge implemented strict COVID-19 procedures. Our COVID-19 precautions, which follow CDC guidelines and are approved by Northwell Health Department of Infectious Disease, are meant to relieve any additional stressors that COVID-19 may place upon a patient and, instead, allow patients to focus upon their own personal development.

We have yet to know the full impact of this pandemic upon our society, but we do know that Wellbridge is here for our patients and families for years to come. Addiction treatment must be innovative, it must be evidence-based and it must be ever-evolving to meet the needs of our society. Wellbridge Addiction Treatment & Research is dedicated to that.