How to Get in a Recovery Mindset

Patient Support

Mindset matters when it comes to successful treatment for addiction. Our mindset – an attitude or outlook – lays the foundation for successful recovery. Because the result of treatment hinges greatly on motivation and commitment, your frame of mind will help navigate the overall experience.

If you’re seeking SUD treatment, congratulations are in order because you’re already on the path to a positive recovery mindset: you’re not only contemplating sobriety, but you’re also taking action now! Since the recovery journey is curvilinear, read below for a few tips to get in – and stay in – a recovery mindset.

How to Get in a Recovery Mindset 


While the idea of going into treatment can bring up many feelings, being open minded toward a variety of treatment modalities – whether familiar or new – is a great first step on the path to recovery. Nurturing this mindset before entering a treatment program will help set the stage for your success. 

At Wellbridge, we not only treat SUD, but also work to identify and treat the reasons behind it in parallel. Prepare yourself to be honest – with yourself, your family, and clinical staff – as this will cultivate healing and set the stage for a productive experience during treatment and thereafter.

Developing a Recovery Mindset at Wellbridge

A recovery mindset includes a willingness to be honest, learn, and accept support. By staying open to new methods and practicing new skills offered during a treatment program, you’re exploring every potential avenue to success. I encourage patients to remain interested and curious throughout the process, as this leads to discovery and insight that will help in the long-run. 

At Wellbridge, our treatment programs are evidence-based and patient-centric. Meaning that we have thoughtfully designed a program to work toward each person’s unique recovery goals. We believe that clarifying goals and values, and accepting support provided by clinical staff will help maintain a healthy mindset throughout treatment. As coping skills are developed, hope and confidence will likely blossom, strengthening the commitment to change.


During treatment, we also focus on developing healthy mindset habits, such as mindfulness practice, physical activity, healthy eating and more. Recovery isn’t always easy, and our goal is to equip you with habits and tools that will help you sustain a recovery mindset even after treatment, no matter which bumps lay ahead in the road. Stay flexible to the ups and downs, keep practicing the healthy habits you’ve acquired, and continue to reach out for support.  Recovery is a journey, one step at a time.

If you are ready to start working towards a recovery mindset, contact us at Wellbridge to discuss the next steps towards advanced addiction treatment.