6 Ideas for a Sober Fourth of July

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While the Fourth of July represents independence and freedom for our country, there are people in our country who are fighting for their own independence from drug and/or alcohol addiction. While holidays like the Fourth of July can feel intimidating for those in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD), or addiction, Wellbridge is of the mindset that with the proper tools and preparation, you can safely enjoy the national holiday without compromising the sobriety you’ve worked for.

Here are 6 ideas for a sober Fourth of July – to empower you to celebrate our nation’s freedom, as well as your own from drugs and alcohol.

6 Ideas for a Sober Fourth of July

Sobriety doesn’t mean missing out on parts of life that may be difficult. Our team is sharing 6 ideas of a sober Fourth of July below:

Celebrate with People Who Support Your Sobriety

Your support system is crucial to maintaining your sobriety. So much so that Wellbridge offers a comprehensive family program to rebuild relationships and prepare the people in your life for life after treatment.

If you are worried about being surrounded by triggers on the Fourth, ensuring that you’re surrounded by people who support your sobriety is a great way to put your mind at ease.

Focus on the Food

BBQ is one of America’s greatest past times – right? Host a BBQ cook-off with friends or make a delicious dish that you’re excited about for the potluck. By refocusing on something that you are looking forward to, you’re removing your focus from triggers.

Throw a Sober Fourth of July

Get some friends and family together for a sober Fourth of July focusing on the other aspects of celebrating – the fireworks, the food, spending the day on the water. When you throw the event, you are in charge and feel more comfortable in what you’ll be faced with that day.

Ditch the Typical Holiday

Celebrate in a way that isn’t your typical Fourth of July celebration. Maybe plan a spa day, a day to read by the pool or a day of getting work around the house done.

Go Out to Dinner to Watch the Fireworks

Pick a late dinner spot that takes you out of an environment that feels triggering to your sobriety and allows you to still celebrate the holiday. Choose a spot where you can watch the fireworks display for extra excitement!

Attend a Morning Meeting

If you feel confident in your sobriety and want to attend a celebration that you know may have triggers for relapse, be sure to start your day off with a morning meeting, a call with your support system or a check in with your recovery team to talk through your coping skills and kick the day off right.

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Your sober life can, and should, be a full life – and our staff works to fully prepare you for moments like this, by not only treating SUD, but also getting to the root cause of SUD and customizing your treatment plan to help you develop the necessary tools and coping skills to handle addiction triggers. This preparation helps you to enjoy the holidays – when you feel ready. However, we always encourage you to remember that there will be other holidays and celebrations in the future. Put yourself and your sobriety first!

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