"The Ups and Downs of the Recovery Journey" | Guest: Robert Krieger

In the Media

Robert Krieger, SERPA, will discuss the ups and downs of his recovery journey, what has helped him to maintain sobriety, and his role as a Peer Advocate at Wellbridge.

Listen now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JwrIhAIahjXZ3alA4glxViNmcbQc89_G/view


Robert’s professional experience includes running his own construction and development company, from 1987-2015, where he served as the owner and president of Mel Lany Construction Management Corp and Hewlitt Partners Homes Inc. In 2016, he joined Engel Burman as a Construction Supervisor, where he worked up until 2021, when he recently decided to pursue his passion for helping people in recovery. Robert received a CRPA-P degree in December of 2020. He currently works as a Peer Advocate at Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research, assisting with patient relations, treatment engagement, peer support, and program development.