"The Impact of Societal Pressures & Self-Medicating" | Guest: Gordon Gooding

A New Way WRCN

As part of Recovery Awareness Month, Aynisa and Gordon Gooding will discuss how young adults and youth are impacted by societal pressures, how this has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and ways to help young adults build skills that will help guard them against the tendency to self-medicate.

Listen now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fQdgEP6xi6msjrqm_iNlvQs9ygA-nVc9/view



Gordon is a licensed clinical social worker and the Executive Director of his group practice, the Gooding Wellness Group, in Cold Spring Harbor, NY where he has been practicing his profession lovingly for over 25 years. Gordon has continued to develop his professional education by continuing studies in addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression, mindfulness (MBSR), neuropsychology, resilience, meditation and 12 step recovery. Recently Gordon has founded Long Island Teletherapy to make accessing quality mental health professionals even more accessible and affordable throughout New York through a secure online platform. It has been his mission to assist individuals to improve their emotional lives and to help them find the peace they are seeking. Gordon has extensive experience working with adults, teens and children. He has successfully helped individuals struggling with relationship issues, addictions, anxiety and depression disorders, parenting issues and various family/life conflicts. Gordon has a special passion for helping families and individuals find recovery during these difficult times.