Professionals Day | By: Jessica L. Bourdon, Ph.D.


Wellbridge’s first ever Professionals Day was a tremendous success. In addition to learning about the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), attendees toured Wellbridge’s 96-acre campus, met our dedicated team of staff members, and engaged in thoughtful conversations about the importance of integrating research into clinical care. Welcoming this group of clinicians onto Wellbridge’s campus was an important step in expanding our community of healthcare professionals committed to bettering the lives of others.

As the guest speaker of Professionals Day, I was able to share my research which lies at the intersection of translational science, psychiatric genetics, and disorders of addiction. Here are the key takeaways from my presentation:

1) In the population, there are about equal influences of genetics and of environment on AUD.
2) For individuals, the influence of genetics versus environment can vary, but there are not robust ways to measure this type of risk yet.
3) Factors that may help us pinpoint individual risk include family history of AUD, alcohol sensitivity, cognition, personality, parental monitoring, peer groups, exposure to alcohol, romantic partners, and more.

After finishing my presentation, attendees participated in a hands-on activity, in which they evaluated a case study and discussed the takeaway facts.

It was an honor presenting to this group of clinicians from the greater Long Island area, who stood out for being engaged and receptive. Not only were they eager to learn new ways of discussing genetic and environmental factors of AUD, but they actively participated in the case study activity, demonstrating that they both digested the material and networked with old and new colleagues.

I highly recommend that you attend our next Professionals Day conference. We welcome clinicians, students and trainees, medical professionals, researchers, and those in the field of addiction. It is a day dedicated to sharing insight on the science of a disease that affects millions of Americans each year.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Wellbridge’s first ever Professionals Day. See you next year!

Note: If you, or someone you love, is struggling with substance abuse disorder and would like to get help, Wellbridge is here. Please contact us at (877) 935-5274 or visit our website at https://wellbridge.org/.