Where We Are Going

At Wellbridge, we are optimistic about the future. Yours and ours.

Moving forward over the next few years, we will continue to make a powerful difference for patients, families, and the field of addiction care.

We see growth on the horizon.

  • Our team is developing collaborative relationships with academic research partners to advance the field and expand our reach regionally and beyond.
  • Using technology, we will extend recovery management programs, peer support, monitoring, and alumni groups. In addition to stabilization, rehabilitation and residential levels of care, our future is built on offering a full continuum of addiction treatment, including outpatient services both onsite and in the community.
  • For patient families, we will provide aftercare family therapy through telehealth, expand our life-changing work through research grants, and offer community education programs to inform the public on our latest findings.

We are committed to innovation.

  • Our Center for Addiction Sciences (CAS), supported by donor engagement and key external research partners, will accelerate new discoveries, and rapidly translate them into personalized addiction care.
  • Our highly committed teams strive to share our findings at professional conferences and through professional publications.
  • Our training and education programs will shape the future of addiction treatment, including internships and residency training for medical students and behavioral health professionals.

We inform and improve care in real time.

  • Connecting quality metrics, established research, patient experience, and outcomes we continuously improve care for each individual patient and for the field of addiction treatment.

As we further enhance Wellbridge as a trusted resource for patients, families, referring providers, employers, and payors, we will rise to our potential and exceed our vision. Our work will lead to a generational impact on the lives of our patients, families, and the broader community.