Center for Addiction Science

Wellbridge is a purpose-built facility where science and clinical practice converge to innovate new approaches to addiction treatment.

Fundamentally different in its approach, Wellbridge brings evidence-based study and unprecedented interaction between researchers, clinicians and patients with the goal of providing the highest levels of patient care for those seeking treatment for addiction.
The Center for Addiction Science, a 6,000 square foot research space located on the Wellbridge campus, is dedicated to conducting state-of-the-art research to advance the treatment of substance use disorder (SUD). While there is SUD research that has generated evidence about treatment efficacy in highly controlled laboratory settings, there is limited clinical understanding on how to apply the knowledge to ongoing care routines. Wellbridge’s innovative model will accelerate the translation of discovery and knowledge into actionable treatments than can impact recovery more deliberately than ever before.

Nehal P. Vadhan, PhD is the primary contact for research. He is Senior Research Scientist
at Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research, Associate Professor at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, and Associate Professor at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

Strategic Partnerships

Wellbridge extends its services and ensures the highest quality of addiction care through its partnerships.

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